Facebook Helps Reunite Couple

Posted on Apr 3 2013 - 7:04pm by Jenna Carafa


At 72 and 71, Carol and Bill show us that you never forget your first love—even after waiting fifty four years to say “I do.” Watching them in an ABC news interview, the pair looked more like a gushing teenage couple than a couple who parted ways decades ago.

At the age of 18, Carol met Bill (who was 17 at the time) on a blind date in high school. Although Carol’s parents disapproved of the relationship, they kept dating. Shortly after Bill’s enlistment in the army, Carol gave in to her parent’s wishes and ended the relationship. Carol sent Bill a “Dear John” letter ending their relationship and even accepted an engagement to an older man that her parents approved of. With this news and Bill’s refusal to believe it, he went on leave to talk to Carol. On the day of her wedding, Bill showed up in his uniform at the back of the church and watched the love of his life get married. One of Carol’s friends told her after the wedding that Bill had been there and left with tears in his eyes. Carol, although torn and heartbroken, went on with her life.

Both Carol and Bill went on to get married and have families of their own. When Carol’s husband died, it was her daughter’s idea to try and find Bill on Facebook. Carol learned that Bill was divorced and living in Virginia. They arranged to meet at a restaurant in Florida where Bill revealed a sketch of Carol of her high school senior picture that he had been carrying around for decades. After fifty-four years apart, the couple was married within months of seeing one another. Carol and Bill say that at 72 and 71 they feel just like teenagers, which can clearly be seen in the interview. Bill leaves us with this touching note, “Never give up.”

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