Falling in Love in a Florist Shop

Posted on Apr 5 2013 - 8:11pm by Katelyn Connor


We all know that flowers are a sure-fire way to a girl’s heart, but did you know that just being near flowers can give you a better chance at successful romance?

French psychologists recently conducted a study to test this phenomenon. They had five attractive men stand in front of a shoe repair shop, a cake shop, and a florist shop and ask 600 women for their phone numbers. They began by introducing themselves, complimenting the lady’s looks, and then asking for her phone number to go out for a drink. Turns out, the men were most likely to get a woman’s number in front of a florist shop than anywhere else.

So why do we do this, ladies? It’s called behavioral priming. In our environment, we pick up clues to how we are supposed to act in a social situation. So, just being near a place that’s known for its romantic origins could have primed the ladies to react more positively to the men’s advances.

So, the next time you’re looking for love, keep in mind the power of the flower.

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