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Posted on May 16 2013 - 6:33pm by Barbara Gabor

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How we met is a regular feature, where we ask various couples how they met. This week we spoke to Barbara Gabor.

This is her story.

It was a  cold and rainy night…not really. Just another Friday night at Johnny’s – a come-and-be-seen-and-dance place for those of us who had passed their 5th decade.  

Sitting at the bar, three blonds (one of them me) talking, watching, and dancing every now and then. Myself, I only danced the fast  tunes, never saw any advantage in “polishing the belt buckle” of someone I’d never seen before. Across the bar from us, a nice looking, silver-haired gentleman was watching us, but that was all. The bartender said he was a “regular” and a nice guy, but we had all heard that before. (And, rarely true!) Beside after a not-so-great first marriage, and being happy with my current single state, I was not looking for another “partner” in life.

However, the following Friday, Mr. Silver Hair finally made his move. He asked me to dance…fast!!!  Smart move! Seemed a nice guy, we chatted a few minutes – his name was Sam and he was a widower of three years, I had been divorced for seven years. Neither of us involved with anyone else. He thanked me for the dance (a rarity) and returned to his spot at the bar. As I was leaving that evening Sam approached me and asked me out for a date – a week in advance! Dinner and dancing!  (Up until then it was “what are you doing tomorrow? How about I bring a movie and a six pack?”)  I was impressed! .  

So…the following Friday Sam turned up dressed for a real date,  jacket and all. He asked if I liked Chinese food…I said yes. The next thing I knew we were at MY favorite Chinese restaurant, one half mile from my house. (He and his family had been eating there since his adult girls were in grade school.  I had been going there all through my first marriage. It was Kismet!!! (The owner of the restaurant was soooo confused – she knew us both and now we were with different partners.)

Exactly one year later, Sam showed up at my house with a dozen pink roses and proposed. We were married that August (and had our rehearsal dinner at that Chinese restaurant – the site of our first date).

Sam passed away last year, but we shared more that seven years of  fun, travel, and adventure together. Life is filled with unexpected happiness no matter what age you happen to be.  Take a chance…

PS – Our Chinese restaurant closed within a few weeks of Sam’s passing after being open for more than 25 years. Perhaps, that  too, was Kismet.

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  1. Patsy May 18, 2013 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    What a really great story. Love it.

  2. Mary Stripling May 18, 2013 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    This is one of the best short stories I’ve ever read. The story is delightful and her writing skills are concise and smooth. Hopefully, she will write more. – mary

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