Man Finds Love After Divorce in Family Pet

Posted on Apr 23 2013 - 7:59pm by Jenna Carafa

Picture-847After a bitter divorce battle, Mike Taylor has finally been reunited with his “Love Love.” It took five years, but Taylor has found his beloved family pet thanks to a friend. “Love Love,” a macaw, was sold by his wife during the divorce and Taylor admitted he’d been searching for him this whole time.

Thanks to Taylor’s friend, Steven Campbell, and a lucky visit to Montana’s Parrot & Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Butte, Campbell spotted the bird. The bird was brought to the sanctuary after biting a woman that resulted in her needing medical attention.

Although it took some convincing on Campbell’s part, Taylor eventually believed him and took this information to the founder of the sanctuary Lori McAlexander. Like Taylor, Lori McAlexander also took some convincing, but with Taylor’s knowledge of the bird that only a previous owner would know he got “Love Love” back.

Taylor did not just receive a love back, but also was able to locate the original cage of “Love Love” on Craigslist.

An unlikely reunion, but a reunion none the less. Happy to see Taylor finally found “Love Love” after a five year search!

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