Are We Afraid of Offline Dating?

Posted on Jul 21 2015 - 2:14pm by Sera Pisani

Mobile dating is revolutionizing the way people are meeting.

We have entered an era where a polite rejection has turned into swiping left and compatibility is dependent on one’s “bio”. Dating apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, Grindr, and Hinge have all been pivotal in this movement. Many people, myself included, have turned to the safety of our screens to find the “perfect match”. This has become the inevitable next step in our age of technology. While some have fully embraced this new trend, there are still others who reject it, claiming it’s actually making us more isolated and disconnected from our own realities. Are we actually more alone in a world filled with countless way to “connect” and “share”?

In an attempt to explore and revitalize the old fashioned method of meeting people in person, filmmaker Samuel Abrahams and his friend and subject,Tom, performed an experiment along the streets of east London. With Abrahams in tow with his camera, Tom approached strangers in the streets in the hope of finding a date. The goal was to find at least one woman willing to take him up on his offer, and despite his good sense of humor, good looks, and charm, his success rate was not very good. While most of the women said they were willing to meet people online, they were hesitant to accept Tom’s dating proposal. The results were slightly alarming and even depressing. However, even with his poor success rate, Tom did manage to convince a few girls to go out with him.

In his eye-opening short film titled, “Offline Dating” Abrahams explores and reveals our own conceptions of dating and how mobile dating is affecting the way people are meeting. 


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