Playing it safe with- Safe Haven

Posted on Mar 2 2013 - 1:33am by Dakota Wilde

My go to movie genre for a girls night out is always romance and when the film Safe Haven (based on a Nicholas Sparks book) hit the big screen it was a must see. The girls and I filled up on cheap calzones and hit the theatre. We are all Nicholas Sparks fans but after being disappointed by the film Dear John I was a little hesitant.

The film started out in a mysterious way with Julianne Hough skipping town after what appeared to be a domestic dispute- resulting in murder. She left Boston on a Greyhound bus in full disguise (aka a hoody, new hair doe and a baby bump) and arrived in the quaint town of Southport, North Carolina.

She took on the identity of Katie, a girl who wanted a fresh start and shared no details of her past.  Katie found both a job and a shabby house with ease of effort. I thought of this as a typical move, since finding employment and living arrangements is not always the easiest.

When she met the little girl Lexy, the daughter of Alex a convenient store owner, it seemed like love at first sight (with Lexy that is).  Alex (Josh Duhamel) played the handsome single father of two and Katie gave the generous, awkward guy a hard time.

It was clear that Alex was crushing on Katie, and their friendship had its ups and downs- which was the heart of the film. This push and shove relationship made the audience forget that Katie was even on the low down.

The movie was filled with laughable awkward moments, suspense and constant questioning. The audience soon found out that the Boston cop framing Katie was her alcoholic and abusive husband. While the film went back and forth to the Boston police departments search, it was not prominent throughout the film.

Jo, Katie’s nosy neighbour gave her the low down on Alex, and with her approval, she began to warm up to him. The romance started when she joined his family for a day at the beach and from there on in, things got juicy as the two fell in love. The couple went on simple dates and shockingly got caught in the rain (it really wouldn’t be a Nicholas Sparks movie if this hadn’t happened).

No film is complete without a sudden twist of events, while I don’t want to ruin it for you- the last five minutes upped the films cheese appeal by 80 percent.

If you’re into a mindless movie that will make you smile and cry (if you’re anything like me) – Safe Haven is a must see.

Check it out and let us know what you think- Is this romantic or just another Nicholas Sparks flop?


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