Serviceman’s Lost Wedding Ring Found

Posted on Aug 13 2013 - 12:54am by Katelyn Connor


In July of 2011, Dustin, a serviceman, a father of three, and a husband of over 12 years, was assigned for a year-long deployment overseas. That summer, the family focused on spending quality time together in Maine along the lake. However, family time turned to grief when Dustin’s ring was swept away in the rapids of the local lake he and his boys were swimming in.

The ring was gone, and suddenly it seemed all too soon that Dustin would be too. The ring was symbolic of everything the couple went through in the past 12 years, from service deployments to children and so forth. They bought a new ring, and in November Dustin left.

Soon after the summer trip, the wife, Sarah, wrote an article about the ring as a catharsis. In her story, she mentioned where they were in Maine, and what the ring had looked like. She didn’t think anything of it, until over 10 months later, September 2012, when she received a message from a father and son- saying they found the ring.

At first, Sarah was skeptical. It was 10 months later and two strangers just happened to go out looking for the ring? In this day and age it’s easy to second guess someone’s motives. But, she met the two men outside a local restaurant and sure enough- there was the ring.

The father and son said that the story really touched them, and then one day they decided to go looking for it and happened to come across the now tarnished ring. For the next three months, until Dustin came home, Sarah wore his ring on her right hand as a symbol that love always finds its way back- even in the most unexpected ways.

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