The Story of Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter

Posted on Aug 26 2015 - 7:41pm by Sera Pisani
Jennifer Carter and Sol Chau met when they were 19 at his birthday party in St. Catherines, Ontario. According to friends, she took some time warming up to him, but he was immediately taken with her. They dated for 6 years before he finally asked her to marry him in April of last year.
Setting a date for August 22, 2015, they began planning their life together. Sol was in school to become a chef and the couple was planning on starting a family together as well. Little did they know, an unspeakable tragedy was about to unfold. 
In December 2014, the same year as their engagement, Sol was diagnosed with liver cancer and underwent surgery to remove the tumor which doctors believed to be successful. However, in March the following year, he was rushed to the hospital with severe pain in his abdomen. After several tests, Sol learned his cancer had not only spread, but had become terminal. He was told that he would probably not live until, August 22, the couple’s original wedding date. Without any hesitation, the couple decided to move up the date in order to make every last second of their time together count. They set up a “GoFundMe” page and raised over $50,000 in a few days. They tied the knot on April 11, four months before the original date, and had the wedding of their dreams at Casa Loma, a museum in Ontario. Pictures and videos from the ceremony show the unconditional love and happiness between the couple although they knew Sol only had months to live. The emotional day was shared with all their friends and family who claim that Sol and Jennifer exemplified actual true love. Afterwards, they took a trip to Niagara Falls, and even bought a dog together.
Four months later, on August 22, their original wedding date, Sol finally lost his battle with cancer. After defying doctors expectations for several weeks, he passed away in his sleep with Jennifer by his side. The bride announced his death to friends and family online pictured below:
According to The Daily Mail, his final line is believed to reference how his family prepared him for death by discussing it like a vacation, and he agreed to find a spot to wait for them. He also told Jennifer he would look for her sister, Julie, who died when she was very young. 
Here are some pictures of the unforgettable wedding, demonstrating what could only be pure, and unconditional love:
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