Young Couple has a Muddy Start

Posted on Apr 17 2013 - 9:22pm by Jenna Carafa

Picture-777When you hear the words marriage proposal certain images pop into your head like flowers, champagne, candles, even the occasional beautiful backdrop with mountains and streams. Although this is a highly fantasized version, this is what people have come to understand as the romantic proposal. However, Taylor Baum took a very different approach when he decided to ask his girlfriend Morgan Tomlinson to be his wife on top of the largest obstacle in a mud run. This mud run called Savage Race was something the couple signed up for three months prior and had been training for together. Wanting to surprise his girlfriend in a big way, Taylor stuns her with the an unexpected proposal after a physically exhausting obstacle course.

Morgan so worn out from the previous obstacles never though she was going to make it to the top of the slide. It also didn’t help that her boyfriend had been rushing her throughout the course. However, when she finally did, Taylor turned to her and said “Are you ready for this?” Thinking he meant the slide she was shocked to see what happened next. Morgan recalls that, “”He got down on one knee and I started shaking.” He then said, ‘Life’s going to be muddy, and you’re the only one I want to get muddy with.’ I just thought that was so sweet.” Talk about a strange yet absolutely adorable and original proposal!

Full of emotion and joy, the newlyweds had to make it down their next big obstacle together, the 40-foot slide into a pit of muddy water—but this time as soon to be man and wife. Rising from the pit drenched in mud Taylor, Morgan, and the wedding ring were greeted by friends and family who were secretly invited by Taylor to share in this happy moment. Taylor even had an engagement party planned later on at his uncle’s farm to celebrate such a happy occasion. You go Taylor!

Check out the video to see how Morgan gets down and dirty in the mud run to have one of the biggest moments of her life revealed

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