A PostSecret Proposal

Posted on Apr 26 2013 - 12:37am by Katelyn Connor


PostSecret.com is the most visited advertising free blog in the world. The idea started with Frank Warren, who sent out three thousand blank cards in the Washington DC area, and came back with half a million secrets from around the world. During a Ted Talk, Warren featured some of his favorite secrets. Some are funny, others are tragic, and even more are inspiring. From vindictive Starbucks baristas to anonymous 9/11 survivors, the stories are endless.

One love story in particular holds a special place in his heart. It was Valentine’s Day, and Warren received a postcard with a picture of an orange cat and the message: “That Saturday when you wondered where I was, well, I was getting your ring. It’s in my pocket right now.”

Little did Warren know that his website would help this boyfriend propose.

The couple had a Sunday morning ritual of reading PostSecret.com together. Over the years, it brought the two of them together and helped strengthen their relationship. On Valentine’s Day that Sunday, they were scrolling down together and the boyfriend saw his message posted at the bottom of the page. This was his chance. When she finally read his message, she turned to him and asked, “Is that our cat?”

He was down on one knee. She said yes.

Afterward, the boyfriend emailed Warren with a gracious thank you for giving him such an incredible opportunity. Warren was thrilled to hear, and asked if he would be willing to share a picture to let the PostSecret community know of the happy news. Later on, the fiancé sent a picture of the cat, being held by the love of his life, with the ring on her finger for the world to see.
A simple idea of sharing a secret brings us to the bottom of our honesty and humanity. It sends messages that would otherwise remain silent, and brings about a new kind of understanding and compassion for the world around us. This love story is the epitome of the good that comes from Warren’s curiosity about secrets that should be revealed.

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