Celebrate “Christmas in July” with a Hot Holiday Read

Posted on Jul 8 2015 - 4:35pm by Sera Pisani


What woman has time to sit down, relax, and read a good holiday romance novel in December? No surprise here, but the answer is hardly any. Some of the best holiday titles are left on the shelf and forgotten in the craziness of the holiday season. However, with summer sales like “Christmas in July” you can finally pick out that romantic snow fallen novel you’ve been eyeing for months with never before seen deals.


When it comes to holidays, women are the first ones out there, sprinting aisle by aisle, on the front lines of every sale in existence. They are the ones waking up in the early hours of frozen December mornings to ensure they get the perfect American Doll or Air Jordans. Not only on holidays, but for the most part, women spend more time shopping both for themselves as well friends and family then men. Because of this, as well as the stressful climate of the holiday season, many companies and retailers offer sales during the summer months such as the well known “Christmas in July” sale. These sales are targeted towards women allowing them to take some time and possibly shop for themselves while enjoying low prices. Instead of looking out for everyone else, July sales are a way for women to take a break and treat themselves. Many major companies offer sales like these such as Amazon who has announced they will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a Christmas in July sale with discounts being offered up to every 10 minutes. These sales often start during the Fourth of July weekend and continue into August.

Romance novels are also a huge seller during these months and what better way to enjoy July than with a good holiday story. Sales can be found on Amazon, Fresh Fiction, Goodreads, and AllRomanceEbooks. Even the Hallmark Channel is doing “Countdown to Christmas” starting this week where they will be featuring holiday movies through the month of July.


Another publishing company, Riverdale Avenue books is having a standout sale right now by offering five free holiday-themed give-away titles and weekly half price sales. According to Riverdale Avenue Publisher Lori Perkins, “Everyone knows that Christmas is the most romantic holiday of the year, but most women are too busy shopping, taking care of family and decorating to enjoy the sales. RAB gives you a whole summer month to curl up with as many hot holiday hunks as you possibly can.” Their Christmas in July sale titles include, A Christmas Tail: Book Four of the Masters of the Cats Series by Trinity Blacio, Holiday Smut edited by Lori Perkins, Whips & Chains & Candy Canes by F.L. Bicknell, Her Three Men by Trinity Blacio, and finally, Hot for Winter by Trinity Blacio. These titles are being offered as free give-aways and half price titles on Goodreads and AllRomanceEbooks. These sales are a perfect way for women to finally do something for themselves and relax, whether they’ve been naughty or nice.

New York Times best selling author Susan Mallory is also doing a “Christmas in July” exclusive early give-away of her new novel Marry Me At Christmas. You can sign up for this contest at her website, SusanMallery.com 

The titles and week dates of the sale titles for Riverdale Avenue Books are shown below.

RAB CIJ graphic line up

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