One for the Wicked Press Release

Posted on Mar 19 2013 - 10:13pm by Melanie Love


We just got this press release and felt the need to share:

Here are just a few of the burning questions readers will have answered on 4/30/13, when Karina Cooper’s Dark Mission paranormal romance series comes to an explosively epic conclusion in One for the Wicked:

1. What is the deal with the mad scientists running Sector Three?

2. Will anyone be able to save the dying witches of New Seattle?

3. Who is actually a witch, and who isn’t?

4. Will a small gang of rebel agents, witches, and programmers be able to go toe-to-toe with the corrupted Church in order to save civilization?

This urban fantasy is rife with everything readers love: high-stakes drama, edge-of-your-seat action, killer twists, evil conspiracy—and steamy romances between the witches and missionaries of post-apocalyptic New Seattle! Karina’s writing grabs you from the very beginning, and whether or not you’ve read the series, it hooks you in right from the start!

About the Book:

Dr. Kayleigh Lauderdale is a brilliant woman: young, beautiful, and possibly the only person in all of New Seattle smart enough to find the cure for what’s killing the city’s witches. But her father is the evil mastermind behind the corrupt organization that is trying to take over the city—and destroy all witches and so-called “heretics” in the process. Kayleigh is only now beginning to realize that everything isn’t as it seems—and then she meets Shawn Lowe, who throws her world into chaos.

Shawn vowed to kill the man who murdered his parents—and now his chance is finally here. But instead of using Kayleigh as he had planned, Shawn finds himself intoxicated by the brilliant scientist he should hate. And in the midst of the lies and the lust flying between Shawn and Kayleigh, a threat hovers over New Seattle, and it could be more than anyone can handle. When the world turns upside down, it will take everything Kayleigh and Shawn have to hold on… to life, to hope, to each other.

About the Author:

Born from the genetic mash-up of lesser royalty, storytellers, wanderers and dreamers, KARINA COOPER was destined to be a creative genius. As a child, she moved all over the country like some kind of waifish blonde gypsy and thrived in the new cultures her family settled in. When she (finally) grew up, she skipped the whole genius part and fell in love with writing because, really, who doesn’t love making things up for a living?

One part romance fanatic, one part total dork, and all imagination, she writes dark and sexy paranormal romance and urban fantasy. When she isn’t writing, Karina is an airship captain’s wife and Steampunk fashionista. She lives in the beautiful and rainy Pacific Northwest with a husband, four cats, two rabbits, the fantasy of a dog, and a passel of adopted gamer geeks.

About the Author

Hopeless Romantic. Into all things Love. Single. Married never. Pug owner.

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