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Marriage Takes a Hit in New Survey among Romantic Women, Who Show Themselves to be Less Traditional about Love and Sex

The institution of marriage fares poorly in a new survey conducted by popular website that believes romance makes the world go ‘round.

And, asked which celebrity they would choose for “one romantic night in bed,” 29 percent would choose Brad Pitt, 26 percent would prefer Johnny Depp, while Robert Downey Jr. and Ellen DeGeneres tied at 15 percent each.

While 71 percent of respondents to the survey said “No” when asked if they “think marriage to the one you love is less important than it was before,” other parts of the poll revealed less enthusiasm for the matrimonial state.

Just half of the respondents believe “it’s important to marry if you have a child with the one you love” and 58 percent said they could “imagine living with your lover and having children without ever getting married.”

Three quarters of the respondents said they enjoy going to the weddings of friends, but when asked, “if you are married, do you envy the unmarried lives of your friends?” 66 percent said “No” and a resounding 85 percent responded “No” when asked, “if you are not married, do you envy the married lives of your friends?”

Romance in general fared well in the survey. Asked if they “think Romance is overrated?” fully 97 percent said “No,” although 62 percent said they” like sex without romance.” And 79 percent said they have had a “memorable one-night stand” (and 61 percent said they would repeat it).

“This survey shows that romance readers are a lot less traditional than we imagined,” said Lori Perkins, Publisher of erotic romance at “It’s empowering to see that romance readers have embraced the one-night stand, especially if it’s with Brad Pitt.”

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