Is It Cheating if…. Survey Results!

Posted on Sep 3 2013 - 3:31pm by Melanie Love

2013-03-22-Not-Cheating-on-You.600’s August survey, which happened to ask the question of whether it is cheating if…, has come to an end and here are the results!

Asked if it is “cheating if you sext someone else” – as in the much-publicized cyber relationship between former congressman Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers – fully 65 percent said yes.

A similar percentage, 64 percent, said it is cheating “if you have phone sex with someone you never meet in person,” but a slightly lower number of respondents, 59 percent, said just exchanging phone numbers with someone is cheating, the same number who said it is cheating if you don’t reveal you have a significant other “in a conversation that has romantic undertones.”

Just “checking out” someone would not be considered cheating by 98 percent of respondents, and 99 percent said watching porn is not cheating, and if you get a lap dance and don’t tell you partner, only 18 percent would consider that cheating.

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