10 Reasons to Still Watch True Blood Even though It’s Jumped the Shark

Posted on Jul 14 2014 - 11:04am by Lori Perkins

Seriously, I groaned through the whole Warlow fairy/vampire plot last season. And let’s face it, Sookie Stackhouse is a paranormal fetishist. IS there any kind of supernatural man she won’t do?

But I still love the show, and every episode I re-find reasons to continue watching, so I thought I’d share them with you.

10 – Eric Northman’s ass


9 – Eric Northman frontal nudity at the end of season 6.


8 – Sam’s ass.


7 – Jason and Eric’s M/M action


6 – Pam’s fashion sense.


5- Layfayette’s amazing apartment’s décor.


4 – That amazing theme song. Why aren’t these guys the number one hit in America?

3 – Fangtasia, the vampire nightclub, is such an awesome idea.


2 – The whole vampire rights issue is still a cool metaphor for gay and civil rights


1 – True Blood sponsors blood drives during Comic Con


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Lori Perkins loves erotic romance so much that she has edited 25 smut-filled anthologies, as well as written a few juicy stories herself. She is the Publisher of Riverdale Avenue Books and an established literary agent, as well as a college professor. She teaches a class on Writing Smut for Fun & Profit and believes that smut will save the world.

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