10 Ways To Know You Aren’t Living in a Romance Novel

Posted on Oct 16 2014 - 12:29pm by Zen DiPietro

My life is exactly like a romance novel. Actually, no, it isn’t. At all. Just in case you aren’t sure about your own romantic reality, here’s a surefire list of ways to tell.

1- You do not have four brothers. None of those brothers you don’t have is a fire fighter.


2- When you meet your future husband, you do not instantly hate him and he does not make fun of you, your outfit, or your job.


3- Your husband or boyfriend is not an ex-Navy Seal, a billionaire playboy, a biker bad boy, a cowboy, OR a vampire.


4- No one EVER takes you for an all-expenses-paid makeover.

5- You’re an up-front kind of girl who is not harboring a deep, dark, terrible secret that you’re sure will make your beloved hate you forever.


6- Your beloved has a bad back, and therefore has never caught you as you fell off a ladder. He also does not effortlessly sweep you off your feet and carry you about without even getting winded.


7- You’ve never even met a highlander.


8- Not once have you accidentally (or intentionally) traveled back in time.


9- Both of your parents are alive and you have a great relationship with them.


10- You’ve never posed for a completely bewildering photo on a strange backdrop with impossible body angles.


About the Author

Zen DiPietro is a lifelong bookworm, an author, a dancer, and a mom of two. She’s also red-haired, left-handed, and a vegetarian. Clearly, she’s terrible at conforming. Although a fan of many genres and types of books, she has a particular passion for books with indomitable female characters. Her website http://www.womenofbadassery.com/ celebrates books that feature women who rule and writing that rocks.

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