Celebrity Romance: Fall Loves and Break-ups

Posted on Oct 30 2014 - 3:35pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

With the change of season come a change in relationships. Today’s list is compiled of the break-ups and make-ups that have been buzzing around Hollywood this season.

(1) Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are mum about their relationship, supposedly because Mariah made Nick sign a gag order about their relationship, which turned out to be the smartest thing she could have done. Recently, Nick has been featured in a lot of radio interviews where he is dishing on all of his ex’s. It looks to me as if he is trying to re-vamp his career. Sorry Nick it’s a little too late for that.

Cb-mariah carey and nick

(2) Queen Latifah and girlfriend Eboni Nichols relationship was not so much as a surprise as it was a confirmation of what we all knew. The couples’ relationship hit the Caribbean over the weekend as the two frolicked on the beach together.



(3) A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman are still fresh off of Vogue and are already breaking up. Apparently the two trend setters’ schedules got
in the way of their budding relationship. They both say that there is no hard feelings and wish each other the best.


(4) Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin relationship is on the rocks after inly 4 months, on the heels of the drama of Jen’s leaked nudes. Some wonder if this isn’t due to the pressure of playing step-mom to Chris’s kids and dealing with the drama that is Gwyneth Paltrow.

Cb-jenchris and gwyneth

(5) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are still going strong long after the spidey senses stopped tingling. Lately it seems the relationship is getting serious enough for miss Emma to start sporting some glittering jewelry. But as soon as the paparazzi got a shot of it, it was gone. Now the two have the whole world guessing; are they engaged?

Exclusive - Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Spotted in Chelsea

(6) Chris Brown and Karrueche are still together, shocking right? Through the cheating scandals and fans attempting to get a smooch off of Chris, Karrueche has stayed strong. Chris has never been more committed and has even made steps to spend time with Karrueche and her family.


(7) A shocking couple, but nonetheless adorable, Big Sean and Ariana Grande are a couple that is too cute to ignore. Although neither has confirmed the relationship, they both gush over how great it is to work with one another.


(8) Ansel Elgort and long time girlfriend Vioetta Komyshan, recently called it quits because of his hectic schedule. Aww, this is really sad, as the couple had just recently gone public with their relationship.


(9) Another Hollywood marriage bites the dust. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are headed for divorce, but before you assume that Wiz is hurting over the break-up, think again. Not only has he been spotted around town with another woman, but he’s been posting some rather interesting tweets about the growth bout his hair, while Amber is crushed that she’s lost her man.

Cb-amber rose and wiz khalifa

(10) Shocked that they were even together, The Jersey Shore’s Sam and Ronnie have officially called it quits…again. I mean after moving in together and a rumored ring being given, I really thought this time it would work out. Oh well, let’s see how long this break lasts until we are forced to see them together again.

Cb-sma and ronnie

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