Celebrity Romance: Top 10 Worst Hollywood Dads

Posted on Oct 15 2014 - 2:14pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

(1) Alec Baldwin’s recording of himself yelling at his daughter on the phone because she missed his call, still haunts our every memory and is why he’s at the top of our list.


(2) In and out of rehab, Charlie Sheen has been a constant feature in headlines for his rage-fueled battles with E’s Brooke Mueller and with his many addictions, so a very bad dad example.


(3) Arnold Schwarzenegger broke up his entire family with his affair with the maid (isn’t it always the maid or the nanny?) which he had at the same time his wife, Maria Shriver, was pregnant.

(4) Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s scumbag Pops, refused to pay child support, pimped his own daughter in the industry and blamed everyone else (including his wife) for destroying their daughter. If anyone is responsible for Lilo’s spiral into dysfunction, it’s him and his famed addicted idled brain.

CB-michael-lohan (1)

(5) Woody Allen is the creepiest father to ever live, hands down. He is basically every single mother’s nightmare! Not only did he start having a physical relationship with his adopted daughter, but when his wife (her mother) divorced him, he married his daughter. His depravity knows no bounds and it is said that his other children don’t talk to him because of this incident.

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(6) John Edwards is still one of the the most hated politicians and with good reason. At first America was taken by the man that stuck by his wife while she was battling breast cancer, but as secrets came to light, it was revealed that he had been cheating on his sick wife with another woman. If that wasn’t sick enough, he also admitted to having a love child with this woman. During his corruption trial, his wife and kids stuck by his side, but come on, the damage was already done. Now with his political career over, along with his marriage, Edwards has slithered off into nowhere.

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(7) Joe Jackson assembled one of the greatest music groups of all time and molded his youngest son Michael into the greatest entertainer of all-time. Allegedly abusive and cruel, he’s easily the most polarizing celebrity father in music history. Remember how he showed up at the BET Awards three days after Michael died, promoting his book?


(8) Matthew Knowles not only betrayed his daughter by supposedly stealing from her, but he also cheated on her mother and ripped the family apart. The low down dirty ex-super manager/father guided one of the biggest Pop stars in the world while smashing anything that moved (and fathering secret love children) as a married man. It is rumored that, Beyonce and Solange did not show up at their father’s recent nuptials to Bey’s new stepmom, Gena Avery (can you blame them?). It’s even been rumored that Mathew doesn’t have a relationship with Beyonce’s first born, Blue Ivy, either.


(9) Evander Holyfield, The Champ, reportedly owes $327,858.36 in child support for his 12 children by 6 women as of May 2013. If the boxing legend doesn’t pay up soon, his driver’s license could be suspended which explains why he continues to waddle into the ring (and get pounded) at age 50.


(10) The notorious rapper 50 Cent has always had a nasty relationship with his son and things became even more heated when the rapper neglected to come to his own son’s graduation. After a few exchanges of nasty texts, 50 apparently had had enough and decided to disown his own son like some type of feudal lord AND cut him out of his will. Poor kid, he’s missing out on the billions 50 got from selling his brand Vitamin Water to Coca Cola.


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