Hollywood’s Worst Bosses

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 12:01pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

Whiney, bitchy, undependable, drug-addicted or just plain diva-esque are only a few adjectives that describe the celebrities that are not only difficult to work with, but just in general overall douchebags to be around.

(1) Still in hiding after her scandal, Paula Deen is guilty of more than a few racial slurs. Some of her employees are suing for mistreatment they suffered at the hands of Paula. The lawsuit was thrown out, whether it was because she paid them off or the case was without merit is anyone’s guess.


(2) Rihanna has received some flack since her break-up with Chris Brown. Her staff complains that she has become more bitchy and unreasonable since her heartbreak and hasn’t been the same since. Not cool taking out your relationship issues on your staff, RiRi.


(3) Janet Jackson’s new husband, Wissam Al Mana has recently been in the news for firing an employee after she reported that a male co-worker assaulted her. Wow, Janet should definitely check her man on this one. It’s never okay to ignore assault, nor is it okay to fire a victim of such a case.


(4) Anna Wintour is known for being a huge task-maker with her assistants, to the point where an ex-assistant wrote a book turned movie about her horrific experience working for the fashion demi-goddess. Anna has said that she doesn’t appreciate the imitation, but come on, who didn’t enjoy being the inspiration for The Devil Wears Prada.


(5) Naomi Campbell is notorious for her anger issues. A few years back she threw her cellphone at her housekeeper’s head. After a few assault charges and Naomi getting a new Blackberry, the two split ways amicably, with a settlement, of course.


(6) Apparently, Chef Gordon Ramsay’s reputation of being a hard-ass on TV is not all fake. Employees have sued him for emotional trauma caused by stress and unpaid wages. What is it with celebrities and there inability to pay their employees?

CB-Gordon Ramsley

(7) Lady Gaga is the queen of the stage, selling millions of albums and selling out tons of stadiums. Unfortunately, the singer is not so good at paying her employee’s wages. In fact, she is currently being sued for $400,000 in unpaid wages. She is also said to make unrealistic demands of them. One assistant claims to have been forced to sleep in a bed with her because the singer just can’t sleep alone.


(8) Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs, last intern was so unsettled and stressed by the end of her working relationship with the executive that she is suing him!


(9) Having to put up with your boss’s mood swing is never easy, so you can only imagine the torture Lindsay Lohan’s personal assistants go through. Its been noted that she has gone through a lot of assistants in recent years, the reasons for which are still unknown.

CB-linsey lohan

(10) Katherine Heigel’s fame for her appearance in the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy was overshadowed by the fact that she slammed the writing of the show as being poor. And that’s not the only incident that has basically made her impossible to work with and for. Imagine being the assistant for someone who complains about Wardrobe issues, refuses to get out of her trailer, questioning the script every single day and generally just being a bitch.


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