Mug Shots Revealed of Top 10 Celeb Arrests

Posted on Sep 4 2014 - 11:12am by Kaitlyn Jeffries

(1) Justin Bieber was potentially in violation of his parole 2 years ago. He was with Selena Gomez, rising his ATV when he crashed into a paparazzi Van. The singer was arrested and has to attend trial later this week. Hopefully the youngster will be required to receive anger management as his temper is continuously getting him into scrapes. Although the same treatment seems not to have worked with Chris Brown, so who knows.


(2) Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t always as sweet as pie. The famous Iron Man actor has had his run-ins with the law for mostly drug-related charges. But no matter, we all love and appreciate the cynical humor behind RDJ so very much.


(3) Chris Brown’s crimes seem to always involve his anger pushing him over the edge. He has had multiple assault charges, with his latest charge being an assault in DC where he punched a fan attempting to get a picture with him.

Chris Brown reportedly will spend a month in jail

(4) Jake T. Austin has recently been in the news for his recent DUI as well as the hit and run that resulted from his crash with a parked vehicle. Why is it that young Hollywood always seems to be unable to handle the pressures of fame? Where are their parents or managers to get these kids under control?


(5) Charlie Sheen has been arrested for an array of crimes – drugs, assault, violating parole; you name it, Charlie has probably gone through it.


(6) Lindsey Lohan has had a string of issues with the law, but none more serious than her 2007 DUI where she crashed her Mercedes into a tree.


(7) Teen mom star and inspiration to us all (sarcasm fully intended), Jenelle Evans was arrested multiple times for crimes ranging from possession of heroin to assault.

CB-jenelle evans

(8) Back in 1993, Snoop Dog was accused of being an accessory to the murder of a gang member. Snoop and his body guard were eventually acquitted of the crime, but the stain of still follows the rapper and if anything, it just adds to his street cred.


(9) Many people don’t know that when actor Mark Wahlberg was sixteen he was charged with murder, with the end result being that he had to spend 45 days in jail and evetnually settled for an assault charge. Apparently in the star’s rebellious youth, Mark was involved with a gang that beat up a man and left him for dead. Since the incident, Mark says that he has tired his hardest to turn his life around. I think he did a pretty good job, if you exclude the Marky- Mark days.


(10) The butt of so many klepto jokes, Winona Ryder became famously known, not for her acting, but for her shoplifting.


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