Top 10 Beautiful Celebrity Babies

Posted on Aug 28 2014 - 10:16am by Kaitlyn Jeffries

(1) Blue Ivy Carter was born to two musically gifted parents, so if her looks don’t pan out (because of the unfortunate genes of said father), then hopefully she’ll inherit her mom’s singing talent. What is for sure, is that she is already more traveled than most adults and will definitely live an eventful life.


(2) North West has been blessed with good genes, but has been placed in a fame hungry family. Who knows when she will make her debut on Keeping Up With the Kardashians or even cause her own scandals? Either way, expect to hear more from this offspring, of that I have no doubt.

CR-Babies-north west

(3) Suri Cruise is a gorgeous mash-up of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It isn’t clear yet what she’ll eventually do in her life, but with those looks, I’m guessing model. Who knows? Thankfully she is only 8 years old, so she has plenty of time.


(4) Paris and Prince Jackson are the children of Michael Jackson. After his death, they tried their best to stay out of the public eye, but have more recently been out and about.


(5) Jaden and Willow Smith are the cool kids on the block and with parents like Will and Jada Smith, it is no surprise where they got it from.


(6) Miley Cyrus has lately been noted for her proactive performances, but she didn’t exactly come from humble beginnings either. She went on tour with her famous honky-tonk father, Billy Ray Cyrus in her youth, which must have rubbed off on her seeing as she has surpassed the celebrity of her father and has made a name for herself as well.


(7) Another addition to the famous Cyrus clan is the elder brother, Trace Cyrus. Trace is the leading guitarist for Metro Station.


(8) Stella McCartney is the daughter of Paul McCartney and if you think she has just been living behind the fame of her dear old daddy, think again. Stella has made a successful career for herself as a designer to the stars as well as starting her own family. One that rivals the McCartney clan, which includes six children.


(9) Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal stem from the famous Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, who isman Oscar nominated screenwriter, and multiple award winning director Stephen Gyllenhaal. To be fair the siblings have come out fine on their own as actors, but with that background, who could have doubted it.

(10) Angelina Jolie is the daughter of Jon Voight. Unfortunately the two barely have a speaking relationship. In fact, her father learned of his daughter’s mastectomy through newspapers, ouch! So it’s clear Angie’s fame is self-made considering the fact that Forbes has listed her as the highest paid actress for 3 consecutive years, not to mention all of the critical acclaim she has garnered from her films.


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