Top 10 Celebrity Moobs!

Posted on Aug 14 2014 - 8:00pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

Moobs, better known as male breasts, seem to be everywhere. Whatever the case, they’re saggy, unappealing, and attached to some of the most formerly handsome celebrity men of our time. For your viewing pleasure, or displeasure, this list shows men whose age is shown through excess skin and not working out or not enough photo-shop.

This one’s for you, Louise.


10 – Leonardo DiCaprio is at the top of our list because he is entirely too young to have this body. The fantasy of Gatsby is destroyed in one photo and what’s worse; there is absolutely no excuse for looking like this.

Moobs-richard gere

9- Richard Gere is aging along with the rest of the older men in Hollywood, so he can have a little leeway, but from being a heartthrob to that man that was in that movie with Julia Robert, well, it’s just sad.


8- Geraldo Rivera disgusted more than a few when he posted this picture on his social media account.

Moobs-john travolta

7- John Travolta is ‘Grease Lightning’ no more.

Moobs-arnold schwartz

6- Arnold Schwarzenegger went from the most muscular, most fit, and handsome man to a politician, cheater, and now he appears on our list with his substantial set of man boobs.

Moobs-hulk hogan

5- Hulk Hogan, takes a break for his perversions to harass beachgoers with his prematurely sagging moobs. We hope his 20-something girlfriend is enjoying the feel of all of that manliness on her on a daily basis.


4- Simon Cowell is a douche in real life and on screen, so it’s a certain kind of poetic justice that this is the body he is stuck with. You can call it karma or gluttony, either way I’m laughing.


3- Jack Nicholson has man boobs, but he’s old and rich, so we’ll let him be.

2- Steven Tyler, proving everyday that it is humanly possible to look like a fish with man tits.


1- David Hasselhoff is just gross (period).

Moobs-Tom Cruise Man Boobs

Here’s an extra moob shot of Tom Cruise for a dear friend, enjoy LF.

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