Top 10 Worst Hollywood Wives and Girlfriends

Posted on Oct 21 2014 - 11:24am by Kaitlyn Jeffries

(1) Reality TV star, Evelyn Lozada has dated her fair share of athletes, but none of her relationships were as dramatic as that with Chad Ochocinco. The extremely violent relationship came to a head one night when Chad reportedly head-butted Evelyn. Now relationships are a two way street, and Evelyn has admitted to hitting Chad back, however there is no excuse for domestic violence. After the divorce between the two everyone thought she would take time away from the camera and focus on herself and her family, but oh no. Instead she did what most fame-obsessed people do — go on a dozen talk-shows discussing how traumatic her life has been and how she isn’t ready to give up the fame just yet. Since then Evelyn has stayed out of the tabloids and is engaged again (to an athlete, of course) and has just had a baby boy.



(2) Madonna is not the only one who is cursed on our list. The “curse of Madonna’s kiss” is a long-time joke that is scarily true. Think about it, every guy (and some girls) she has been with has afterwards had a terrible career. Don’t believe me? Well, lets just list a few of her ex-kisses: Guy Richie, Alex Rodriguez, Dennis Rodman, Britney Spears, Sean Penn. Yep, told you. Not only did Guy Richie’s career fizzle immediately after their split, but A-Rod got a divorce and lost his winning streak after Madonna, and none of us will ever forget the year of Britney (not long after their award show kiss, I might add).


(3) Kristen Stewart famously cheated on Robert Pattinson with her married director at the time during the height of the Twilight fame and although the scandal has died down and they’re rumored to be dating other people now (Kristen is supposedly a lesbian now), it’s still a black eye on both of the actors’ reputations.


(4) Kim Kardashian is notoriously not the best woman to have on your arm. First Ray Jay, then a string of other men such as Reggie Bush, Nick Cannon, Kris Humphries and now Kanye West. It is rumored that she only married NBA player Humphries for money and even for a new plot line to her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

cb-kim kardashian

(5) We all know the love story of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, right? They were both married when they decided to have an affair that was exposed by paparazzi, and decided to divorce their respective spouses and marry each other. Romantic, right? Things have been pretty quiet for the home-wrecking couple, although it is continuously rumored that LeAnn taunts Eddie’s ex-Brandy every chance she gets.

(6) Model/actress Sienna Miller once was engaged to Jude Law, what ended that almost blissful union. Well, Sienna cheated with costar (don’t they always) Daniel Craig. It only takes one bad woman to turn a guy bad, and the rest of Jude’s relationships reflect this fact, remember the nanny?

(7) Kris Jenner not only cheated on her first husband and then divorced him, but with her second husband, it is rumored she has done the thing. Added to the fact that she basically emasculates her now ex-husband, Bruce Jenner, at every opportunity on their popular TV show.

cb-kris jenner

(8) Taylor Swift is probably the worst girlfriend anyone could possibly have. You want to hear about her string of ex’s, just listen to her music, which is why she makes our list as a terrible girlfriend. Relationships aren’t one-sided and shaming a guy because he just wasn’t that into you is just sad, really sad.

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(9) Actress Claire Danes never leaves one man until she has another one lined up. First she ended a five-year relationship with Ben Lee for a costar and then she left that guy for another costar. This relationship with Hugh Dancy seems to be working out, but knowing her MO I’m sure her husband is always fearful of losing her to another one of her costars.

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(10) Less of a terrible girlfriend and more of a curse, Kate Upton dated Justin Verlander, NFL player for the Giants. Everything was going smoothly for the two, that is until Justin started losing and the fans turned on the closest thing to him, poor Kate.


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