Top Terrible Celebrity Moms

Posted on Oct 8 2014 - 7:22pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

(1) Kate Gosselin sold out her family in order to pursue the life of fame and apparently a very bad run on Dancing With the Stars.


(2) Dina Lohan is the poster mom for freeloading off of her daughter, despite the fact that Lindsey publicly struggled with the burden of fame. Dina paved the road for the likes of Kris Jenner; by getting a reality show deal to further exploit her daughter.


(3) Kris Jenner sold out her entire family just for fame and fortune. She even mentioned on her reality TV show that Kim was her favorite daughter, in front of her other children. Hmm, I wonder if she ranks her love for her children by how much money they make her?

CR-kris jenner

(4) New mom Kim Kardashian was recently in the news for forgetting her daughter in a luxury Paris hotel lobby while she runway walked in front of the paparazzi. It is too soon to tell, but based on the fact that Kim treats baby Nori like an accessory rather than an actual child, it’s safe to say that she isn’t turning out to be the best mom.


(5) After a string of arrests and drug charges Jenelle Evans finally did the world and most importantly her daughter a favor by giving up custody of her daughter to her mother. Although seeing how Jennelle turned out, this decision might not be the best for the child either.


(6) Farrah Abraham went from teen mom to pornstar in a classic case of fame gone wrong. From plastic surgeries to multiple DUI’s, it seems Farrah will do anything to stay relevant on TV, even neglect her child.


(7) Nadya Suleman otherwise known as ‘Octomom’ had her children for all the wrong reasons and then did whatever she could to stay relevant even going so far as to take part in a sex tape!

(8) Linda Hogan lost her f**king mind after divorcing Hulk Hogan and has yet to regain it. She’s not only dated friends of her children, but it’s reported that she’s not even talking to her daughter because she maintains a relationship with her own father. Talk about immature.


(9) Brooke Mueller has had a long battle with addiction, which has not only made her loose custody of her children, but also ruined her life. It’s rumored that her downfall began with dating ex-Charlie Sheen.

CR-brooke mueller

(10) It has always been speculated that Courtney Love was still heavily addicted to drugs while pregnant, but even that isn’t why she is on our list. After loosing custody of her daughter because of her arrests due to possession of drugs and an overdose on Oxycontin. In recent years, her daughter has filed a restraining order against her.

CR-courntey love

(11) Granted Britney Spears has made leaps and bounds to improve on her motherhood status. However, we cannot forget the past of fractured skulls, driving recklessly around with her son in her lap and finally loosing custody of both of her children because of her erratic behavior.


(12) NeNe Leakes’ son has been arrested for a variety of offenses from stealing to possession of drugs. NeNe has always been portrayed as a strict parent, but with her recent success on screen, it seems as if she is loosing control of her family life.


(13) Kate Moss has battled her cocaine addiction for years. She even reportedly used drugs in front of her children and left them around her junkie friends.


(14) Not exactly the positive female role model of the year, Pamela Anderson is also not the best mom. With the reputation of falling in love fast and often, she marries guys after a few days and her children are left to deal with a new ‘daddy.’


(15) Sharon Osbourne has always been portrayed as the ultimate cool mom, but how cool is it that her daughter, Kelly Osbourne, was an admitted drug addict at age 13 years old and son, Jack Osbourne, was admitted to a psychiatric ward for his addiction to OxyContin. After such tumultuous childhoods, Sharon’s good parenting skills must be called into question.

CR-sharon osbourne

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