Worst Celebrity Weddings

Posted on Nov 5 2014 - 11:04pm by Kaitlyn Jeffries

After the glory of George Clooney’s wedding it seems celebs set the bar high for beautiful weddings. However, this list is compiled of terrible weddings and not just any terrible weddings (because we’ve all been to one or two of those), these are terrible celebrity weddings.

(1) The recent divorce of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are proof that you can re-do your wedding every year, but that wont make the marriage last.


(2) First wedding was a lie and the second America wishes never occurred, the wedding of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt is a sore point in The Hills franchise to be sure. The couple’s antics have always been legendary. Recently the two have tried to embargo their own reality TV shows on the basis that they were vetting a fake divorce. My goodness, when will it all end!


(3) I am all for a bride trying to be creative with her wedding theme, but “Coming to America” is never appropriate for a wedding. But the terrible theme wasn’t the only thing holding this couple back. Reportedly Kandi’s mom was threatening not to come up until the very last moment of their wedding. Family drama is never fun on your wedding day.


(4) By far still the creepiest wedding of the decade, Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris got married (where else?) at the Playboy Mansion. Her choice of groom is arguably what makes this wedding disgusting, but the fact that the relationship is completely for television purposes is also why this wedding is just plain terrible.


(5) No surprise Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock didn’t make it past the honeymoon stage. I mean, they couldn’t even get past the honeymoon party.


(6) A UK sensation, the wedding of Katie Price and Peter Andre was a Barbie explosion of bubble gum pink that should have never occurred.

CB-katie and peter

(7) Another wedding just for the press was the unforgettable 72-day marriage and wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. We all know how short this romance was and how Kim admittedly said that she didn’t stop the wedding because too much had already been invested in it.


(8) No one will ever forget the Britney and Kevin Federline fiasco and if their trailer-trash drive through Vegas wedding didn’t spell doom, I don’t know what did.


(9) Another wedding theme gone wrong was the wedding of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger. The gothic element of their destination to an old French castle was beautiful; the black clothing however was not. Im not saying this is what caused their divorce, but…you know.


(10) A throwback wedding if there ever was one, the wedding of David Beckham and Victoria was not the representative of the glamorous lifestyle they now lead. When they met the two were still struggling in their careers, but hopefully since then they have had a do-over and had the fabulous wedding they both deserve.


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