50 Shades: The Musical, The Original Parody of the Greatest Novel Ever Written

Posted on Mar 14 2014 - 10:15am by Lori Perkins
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This is the perfect girls night out event. Especially if you and a few of your bestest friends waited on line for hours last year to have EL James sign your copies of this “mommy porn” trilogy. Get the girls together again, and have a night on the town.

This 90-minute performance takes place in an elegant small theatre of about 300 seats, with a lovely cocktail bar (and some fun goodies to buy like a Goddess T-shirt) and you can take your drink into the theater with you.

The musical opens with three women in a book club discussing their boring book choices and how one woman can’t put this new book down – and we are off, to a fun and rollicking re-enactment of some of the more memorable scenes from the first book.

Anna Steele, played by the Amber Petty, is stunningly innocent, but boy can she belt out a song such as “There’s a Hole Inside Me.” You get the drift, I’m sure.

To my surprise and delight, the Christian Grey in this parody is not what you’d expect, which makes this even more hilarious. Chris Grace, the actor who plays him is brilliant, so I won’t spoil the twist here. You’ll have to see him in the flesh (and I promise you will never forget him clad only in a very, very tight wresting slinglet).

And Jose is a hoot too. And so is Anna’s best friend, Katherine Kavanagh, who I think probably has a better role in the parody than she does in the book itself.

The score is great and funny, and this troupe of nine can really sing.

There are some really hot, scantily clad dancers just in case you need some eye candy.

And just in case you wanted to bring your mom, grandmother or daughter (but you have to be over 18 to attend), the show is a nice soft R. Lots of innuendo and racy language, but nothing you haven’t seen or heard on cable TV, and there is no nudity.

The show started at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it was a hit, and has now opened in NY and LA, where I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay for a while, if the packed crowd and laughter were any indication.

Elektra Theater
300 W. 43rd Street
for tickets: 50shadesthemusical.com

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