6 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Wedding Proposal

Posted on Nov 24 2014 - 1:44pm by Allie Heart
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It is the holiday season, one of the most romantic times of the year and the perfect time to finally tell the person you love that you wish to spend the rest of your life with them. Other than wondering what their answer will be, thinking up an elaborate and emotional, yet original proposal can be probably the most anxiety – inducing situations you will ever face in your life. So take a chill pill, follow these 6 tips on how to prepare your wedding proposal, and you will already hear her say “I do.”

Use more than THE 4 words. Before you pop the question, “will you marry me?” tell her how you have always felt about her. Be confident, look straight into her eyes, and let her know why you feel that she is the one. Don’t begin reciting a long Shakespeare sonnet (unless you know she would like that) or say some superficial nonsense that you think sounds romantic. Pour your heart out to her and she will do the same.

1- Wait before you show her the ring. Seeing a shiny rock can be overwhelming and distracting for your lover when you are sharing your feelings, so it is best to wait until after you had spoken your piece to show her the ring.

2- Don’t tell others before you tell her. I know that the excitement might cause you to want to be a braggart, but you should never spoil the surprise, even if you are telling someone that she could not possibly have any interaction with. Unless someone is directly involved in the proposal, don’t tell them. If they are involved, tell them when it is closer to the special day because no one would want to keep a secret like this for so long.

3- Take record of the moment. This is definitely one of those Kodak moments that you would treasure forever, so be sure to have someone standby to film the magical moment to capture the memory.

4- Ask her parents. You don’t have to exactly be old -fashioned to take the time of getting the blessings from the future in – laws. She will find it incredibly thoughtful and she will be more confident in her answer.

5- Don’t tell the world after you had just told her. I know that the excitement might make you want to update your status, but something as intimate as this shouldn’t be shared with everybody, at least not right away. Take a day or two to really enjoy this new beginning of your life.

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