A Love Story, Revealed in Attic

Posted on Feb 20 2014 - 2:03pm by Katelyn Connor

Homeowner Joshua McKinney was doing some insulation work, when he discovered they keys to a lost past for one family. While he was taking out the old insulation from his attic and replacing it with new ones, suddenly a small stack of letters tied in a faded pink ribbon fell out of the rafters. Inside it was a marriage certificate for Edward and Virginia Kissel from 1941, and a birth certificate for their son, William Kissel, from 1942. In addition to these important documents, hand written love letters for every occasion were saved and stored for over 70 years.

When the family discovered these lost bits of history, they decided to find the current family to reunite them with their loved ones through these letters. They contacted their local news station and posted the information on social media, and within four hours William Kissel’s wife and daughter were at the McKinney’s door.

Shirley Kissel and daughter Christina Frein were touched to have these pieces of their heritage back in their possession. William Kissel had died a few years before, and Frein firmly believed that it was her dad reconnecting with them through this beautiful collection of letters, and through bringing them to their husband and father’s childhood home. Shirley loved seeing these love letters and information because she only met William’s father Edward once before he passed away. These letters allowed them to reconnect with their lost family members in a unique and touching way.

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