A Wilde Wedding is So Glamourous!

Posted on Feb 23 2016 - 11:06pm by Melanie Love
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There’s a “Wilde Wedding” movie coming up and it’s starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich. These two haven’t starred together in a movie since the Oscar winning “Dangerous Liasons” 28 years ago.

Though Glenn portrays a bride who has been married more than once and Malkovich one of her ex-husbands, she couldn’t look more glamorous. She tapped Jane Suttell to design her wedding dress and here’s a sneak preview of what it looks like with Malkovich in the background. Suttell is a master with fabric and draping and has designed for Glenn in her personal life as well as in other films.

We have another photo of Margo Martindale of “The Good Wife” fame wearing one of Jane’s gorgeous jackets.


You can find more of her styles at www.janesuttell.com

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