Australian Bride Makes Dress Completely Out of Bread Tags

Posted on Apr 23 2013 - 5:17pm by Jenna Carafa
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Picture 844Australian Bride, Stephanie Watson gives herself the ultimate challenge when designing her one of a kind dress—made of bread tags? If you’re like me, you are asking yourself who would ever come up with an idea like that!

Stephanie, now twenty-nine, met her husband Will when they were in high school. The young couple shared a quirky interest of collecting bread tags. From this hobby sparked the idea that Stephanie and Will would get married when they had enough bread tags to make a dress. It would be another ten years (during which Stephanie studied fashion design) when Will and her were ready to get married and begin the challenge of making the dress.

Stephanie wrote in an email, “I always liked the idea of a design challenge and thought a wedding dress would be the ultimate test!” Different from the traditional wedding, Will would not be surprised the day of the wedding with the unveiling of his bride because he was by her side every step of the way assisting in the dress making. With the help of friends and family donating bread tags and recycled fabric Stephanie was able to finish the making of the bread tag dress in a year.

In addition to this very creative dress it was also given an identity when Stephanie came across the name “Nadine” written on the tag. With all the time and effort going into the making of this dress, Stephanie wanted to personalize it. Stephanie didn’t just want people asking about her dress, but instead asking about Nadine. Later on Stephanie realized that Nadine is actually a type of potato and this particular tag most likely belonged to a bag of potatoes and not bread!

A follower on Stephanie’s blog redeemed the name when she commented saying Nadine means hope. When Stephanie walked down the aisle in Nadine in January the dress was absolutely stunning.

Stephanie’s dress of 10,000 bread tags and recycled fabric cost her only thirty-eight dollars! Despite its stunning appearance, Stephanie has advised people to not try and make their wedding dress out of bread tags as it was both noisy and a bit uncomfortable to move around in.

An unexpected surprise for the newlyweds Stephanie and Will—a baby on the way! I know a burning question on my mind is if Stephanie will try to design a baby collection entirely made of bread tags!

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