Extreme Weddings: Slingshot Style

Posted on Jul 22 2013 - 2:17pm by Katelyn Connor
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This is not your everyday corny wedding stunt. In fact, this one deserves to go on Fear Factor.
Natasha and Jacob Jones made their reception extreme for everyone involved, including all the Single Ladies and Gentlemen. For the bouquet toss, instead of the traditional, modest throw into the single ladies, Natasha strapped herself to a human-sized slingshot, pulled back by her brand new husband and an ATV. This extreme toss tops almost anything I’ve ever seen! In addition to the bouquet toss, Jacob, her new groom, also did the garter toss this way, with his new father-in-law leading the ATV. This is definitely a stunt only the bravest couples can perform as they go confidently into their new married lives.

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