Men and Women React To Their Tinder Date Showing Up Looking Very Different Than Their Photo

Posted on Sep 30 2014 - 9:24am by Lexi Wangler
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YouTube account Simple Pickup, specializing in what they would call the art of picking up women, recently published two takes on a fascinating social experiment. Those keeping fairly up to date with the social media world will recognize the use of the online dating platform Tinder, an app where men and women can pick matches based on a short bio and an assortment of photographs. In these videos, Simple Pickup used attractive and fit actors with active profiles and used makeup and fat suits to alter their appearances dramatically.

Sarah meets with five men who she’s been chatting up on Tinder, and their reactions to her drastically different appearance range from polite to unacceptable, as several of the men get up and leave, and one of them accuses her of lying to him, even as Sarah is unendingly polite and pleasant. Only one guy stays till the end of the date, and when she tells him what’s going on, he attributes it to his personal belief in the golden rule.

Will undergoes a similar transformation, but the reactions are somewhat different. Though dismayed at first, all of the women go on to have light and pleasant conversations with him, and none of them run out after the initial shock. The dates continue the same way they would have if Will hadn’t been obese–they talk about pets, about what kind of people they like to date, and ask questions about each other. They laugh, play games and even dance. When lack of compatibility comes up in conversation with one woman, it’s after several attempts to find something in common. Several of the girls plan to see Will again–one of them even kisses him after the date.
What does this say to the women of the world who use Tinder and other methods of online dating? Plenty. Give yourselves a pat on the back, ladies, for being less shallow than your male counterparts–but remember, appearance cuts both ways.

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