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On The Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth, Nicholas Sparks confessed his love for his characters, his book, and his career. His enthusiastic answers for each interview question gave fans an inside look at the romantic writer’s insight.

Wentworth started off asking Sparks about his newest book The Longest Ride. In the book there are two plots: one of Ira and Ruth, a Jewish couple who fall in love in the 1930’s South. Their story is an epic of the ups and downs of marriage and love as couples grow throughout their life. The second story is one that only spans over a few months, but it is just as passionate and meaningful. Sophia and Luke are two young people who fall in love for the first time. The magic of the book overall is how these two very different stories come together in a beautiful expression of love and commitment.

While he was explaining this, Wentworth asked him how he even thought of an idea for such a complicated and interweaving book. He said it was more of the seed of an idea that he starts off with, and then works to see what can come of it. For example, he can think up of a way he wants his book to end, and then he works backwards to make it happen.

With all this creative work that flows into his books, it’s easy to assume that he wants to use this talent on the screen as well. However, Sparks explains that when his books turn to movies, it’s the director’s vision of his story, not his. So it’s extremely important for him to choose the right director, and then have faith in that director. He has seen so many beautiful creations of his book on screen, so he knows that each one has a vision that aligns with his.

The last question Wentworth asked was about his characters, and how close he felt to them. Sparks laughed and explained that he gets very emotionally attached to his characters. In fact, when he was writing A Walk to Remember, he had planned on killing Jamie off at the end of the novel. However, when it finally came time to do it, he thought that she was too sweet to actually do it. So, instead of blatantly having her die, he left the ending very ambiguous so that he would not cheat out fans.

Nicholas Sparks’ passion and love for his characters shines through on this interview. It’s so clear how grateful he is to have the opportunity to share his love and romance stories to the world. To see the full interview, click here

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