Release me, Oh My Maker: True Blood, Season 7, Episode 9

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When Bill tells the group in the Fangtasia cellar that he choses True Death, both Jessica and Sookie slap him. Jessica asks that he release her and he does. Bloody tears are shed by all.

And that’s before the opening credits.

Sookie and Jessica go to find Sam, but he has fled town with Nicolle and the baby-to-be. He said. “We live two lives here on earth. The first for ourselves, and the second for our kids.” They’re going to Chicago.

Sookie and Jessica go right to the former Merlotte’s to tell Arlene and the folks that Sam has skipped town, where Sookie learns that Arlene is dating a vampire. And Sookie admits that she held herself back from Alcide because she never really got over Bill after she asks Arlene how she keeps on meeting new men and starting over again.

And Jessica decides to track down Hoyt and tell him about who they used to be. His girlfriend double dog dares him to talk to her and tells him that if he goes to her, they are over, and he walks out the door. After she tells him that Bill has chosen to die, he tells her to tell him “the story of us.”

Hoyt’s girlfriend calls Stackhouse to come and get her and he warns her that things are about to get a whole lot messier. And they do. As soon as Hoyt sees him, he punches him in the face and knocks him out. Bridgette accompanies him to his home where he tells her the story of Hoyt and Jessica and humself, and how he screwed over his best friend. So Bridgette talks him to bed to “teach you how not to have sex with someone.”

Eric comes to Bill and tells him that the disease kills the spirit, which is why he’s depressed. He tells Bill that Sookie loves him and that he owes it to her to live. Bill says it’s because she’s fae. “It’s her light that pulls us in, just as she is pulled to our darkness….I want to set her free.” He asks Eric to talk to Sookie and bring her to him so he can explain his decision to die.

There’s so much drama that you almost forget about Sarah Newlin in the Yakuza’s basement. But Pam hasn’t. They go and drag her up the stairs where Pam is waiting for her – to bring her back to blond.

Eric tells Sookie that he went to Bill’s and she asks him if Bill told him why he was letting himself die. “Death is scary,” he tells her. “I’ve been avoiding it for a thousand years.”

Eric is such a sweetheart that when he gets back to Fangtasia and Ginger is angry at him for not telling her that he was cured, he makes it up to her by letting her fuck him .. on the vampire throne…in the club. And her orgasm is like a heart attack.
But the Yakuza are not pleased with Eric’s antics. When he goes downstairs, Pam is strapped to a torture device and they will kill her if he doesn’t tell them the truth about whether or not Sookie knows about the cure in the basement. So he tells them the truth, just as Bill goes to visit Sookie.

Tune in next week…..for the series’ Finale

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