Smooth Sailing on Dating’s Choppy Waters

Posted on Oct 25 2013 - 2:15pm by Heidi Krantz
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You know the scene in “Sleeping With the Enemy” where Julia Roberts is holding onto the boat during the storm and then she slips into the water? We all knew that she actually knew how to swim, but the water was so rough that it was terrifying to watch anyway!

Well, that’s how I felt, like Julia Roberts slipping off the boat into rough waters, as I tried to navigate “Dating’s Choppy Waters” and sometimes felt so hurt, like I was about to drown. It had nothing at all to do with any abusive situation whatsoever. It had to do only with how challenging it is to deal with every day normal dating situations at each stage. When I look back on those situations, I see my growth so clearly. I had not yet cultivated some of my strengths that would have guided me to see those circumstances so differently. I now have the skills and the tools to communicate more effectively, to make better judgments, to take things less personally, and to understand and accept that not everyone thinks exactly like me.

Of course, I’m still learning through my loving relationship with my husband, the second time around, how to navigate the waters of lasting love when they are on rare occasion, not perfectly smooth. It’s a never ending rewarding process of growth. But now, I want to save as many people as I can, from that scary Julia Roberts slipping off the boat feeling, and I know that I can. That’s why I have developed this brand new affordable series, “Smooth Sailing on Dating’s Choppy Waters.” Don’t miss the opportunity to glide into the love life that you desire.

This program is a four part series at the Great Neck Adult Education Center in Great Neck, Long Island, and is specifically designed to make inspiring new changes in your love life! I have developed a system that takes participants step-by-step through their own personal search for love has brought about amazing successes. The course includes confidence building techniques, the design of “must haves” in a perfect partner, communication skills in dating, and internet dating success. All these techniques help young men and women change their love life for the better.

Don’t wait to sign up for this inspiring and truly fulfilling program that is sure to take your love life to new heights!

The four-part class begins on October 31st in Great Neck, NY,

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Heidi Krantz is a Professional Life Coach with specialties in Dating, Moving-On, and Communication. She is the founder of Reinvention Life Coaching, a motivational speaker, and a published author. Heidi practices in Long Island and Manhattan as well as via telephone, skype, or facetime anywhere on earth. She offers workshops and seminars throughout the New York area and via teleconference.

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