Take the Cake! Epic Wedding Oops

Posted on Dec 27 2013 - 12:46pm by Katelyn Connor


If you’re ever worried about the disastrous things that could happen in the weeks before your wedding day, check out this video and realize that it’s not worth crying over spilled milk- or spilled wedding cake!

Australian bride Amanda Arbuckle kept her composure as her beautiful wedding cake toppled to the floor on her wedding day just a few months ago. The couple went to cut it, and the top piece lost its balance and went flying! However, instead of crying, Amanda and her new husband laughed it off. The newlyweds’ good sense of humor sets an awesome example to those brides-to-be who may be stressing just a little too much.

It’s nice to see that the wedding is about the love for one another and the celebration with the people you care about- not the less important details, like the top of a cake. Either way, check out the full video here and have a great laugh with your fiancé!


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