“Be Mine”: Valentine’s Day’s Favorite Candy

Posted on Feb 4 2014 - 12:10pm by Melanie Love

Ever wondered where those timeless Sweetheart Conversation Hearts came from? Every Valentine’s Day they become a staple of the holiday- no one can go through the month of February without getting a candy that says “Fax Me.” But, did you know
the interesting history behind these delightful little candies?

Turns out, Sweetheart Conversation Hearts have been around in commemoration of Valentine’s Day for almost 150 years! The New England Candy Company (NECCO) first created the candy in the 1800’s, and originally called them “motto hearts.” The idea came from an older candy that went all the way back to Civil War times, called a cockle. This candy was a shell and had a note hidden inside!

Sweetheart Conversation Hearts stand for a revolutionary change in the technology used for the creation of the candy. Daniel Chase, brother of the founder of NECCO, thought up of the idea to print the messages directly on the little sugary candies, instead of putting paper around the sweets. The genius candies went soaring into success, especially with its cute little mottos like “Marriage in pink, he will take to drink,” and “Marriage in white, you have chosen right.” By the 1900’s, the company went beyond the original heart shape and made shapes as horses, baseballs, and even watches!

As the decades flew by, Sweetheart Conversation Hearts kept up with the times, from candies that say “Fax Me,” to the most recent “Tweet Me” conversation candies. Each year, NECCO sells over 800,000 candies!

Talk about a timeless romantic history! Make sure you buy your Sweetheart Conversation Hearts for when all words fail.

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