Girls Chase Boys: Ingrid Michaelson Defying Gender Stereotypes

Posted on Feb 4 2014 - 6:32pm by Katelyn Connor

girls chase boys chase girls

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Indie Pop Star Ingrid Michaelson releases a single love song that not only addresses love, but also brilliantly defies the social constructs surrounding gender stereotypes. The single is called Girls Chase Boys, and not only has a catchy rhythm and melody, but it encompasses the one thing boys and girls alike are always in search for: love.

This video explicitly and beautifully shows how love is gender neutral. In her video she depicts men and women alike in full faces of makeup and simple, pink and black outfits. In her post on her Facebook wall, Michaelson explains her inspiration for this gender-defying video:

“Girls Chase Boys started out as a break up song but took on a deeper meaning as I continued writing. More than just being about my experience, its focus shifted to include the idea that, no matter who or how we love, we are all the same.

The video takes that idea one step further, and attempts to turn stereotypical gender roles on their head. Girls don’t exclusively chase boys. We all know this! We all chase each other and in the end we are all chasing after the same thing: love.”

Ingrid is not the first artist to address things as gender stereotypes, homosexuality, and love equality. This year, she joins Sara Bareilles with her hit single “Brave,” which encourages a friend who was struggling with embracing his sexuality to speak out, as well as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with their single “Same Love,” which was performed at the Grammys as 33 couples said their marriage vows.

Check out Ingrid’s new release “Girls Chase Boys” on YouTube here:

(I will be having this song on repeat for the next 6 months, and I encourage you to do it as well!)

Also, if you want to see more gorgeous men rocking the gender stereotypes away, check out this rendition of the Spice Girls!

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