I Choose You: Sara Bareilles’ PERFECT New Music Video!

Posted on May 6 2014 - 8:26pm by Katelyn Connor

Since Sara Bareilles released her hit single “Brave” this artist has been a figurehead for marriage equality and same love. This week, she’s done it again with her fantastic new video for her song “I Choose You.” She asked fans to submit their proposal plans, and how they would want her to be involved. From the many submissions, she chose two lucky couples: Matt and Chelsea from Los Angeles, California and Aly and Andrea from Denver, Colorado.

The music video follows Sara, Matt, and Aly as they prepare their heartwarming proposals. This includes an entire post-it diorama, homemade signs, and a whole lot of happy tears. Matt planned to bring Chelsea down memory lane for the final proposal, and Aly popped the question in a grand gesture of homemade posters, surrounded by family and friends.

When the proposals actually happen, the recorded music cuts out, and the video features the beautiful, loving words of the couples. Sara plays along in the background and you can’t help but get teary-eyed when both these ladies say “I Do.”

Sara once again promoted marriage equality in one of the sweetest ways possible: through her incredible music. By showing these two couples side by side, it’s impossible to judge which love is more valid than the other. Both proposals were sweet, meaningful, and fully supported by friends and family. The more people who see this beauty and this love, the more equality we can have in the world at large.

Thank you, Sara, for bring fantastic once again!

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