Top 10 Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted on Aug 21 2014 - 5:28am by Kaitlyn Jeffries

Now I know everyone is probably sick of seeing these ice bucket videos. I am too. But you’d be telling a big fat lie if you said some of these aren’t extremely entertaining. This list is filled with humorous/ questionable and questionably strange videos of your favorite celebs, willingly dumping ice on themselves. It’s important to note that most of these celebrities donated and the challenge is more for our entertainment, plus it feeds their attention seeking needs. So, us average folk and the glamour of celebrity both win in this deal.

1- Kevin Hart’s reaction to the icy cold water hitting him kills me every time.

2- Oprah Winfrey’s screech followed me into my nightmares, it was that penetrating.  

3- Taylor Swift

4- Justin Timberlake followed the trend of group dunking.  

5. Lady Gaga is different, but that’s what we love about her the most. [LINK]

6. Jennifer Lopez had the help of her kids for her video. Her twins are so cute and are growing up so fast.

7. Iggy Azalea, JLo’s booty-partner, made the challenge look sexy as only the curvy Australian could.

8. David Beckham’s video wasn’t ,extraordinary, but it’s nice to just look at him with his shirt off.

9. It’s nice to see a football team make the news for something other than drunk driving, domestic violence or just plain being stupid. With that said, this video is of the Atlanta Falcons supporting the cause.

10. Charlie Sheen attempted to be unique and weird as he usually does in his daily life.

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