Love In and Out of the Courtroom

Posted on Oct 9 2013 - 5:55pm by Katelyn Connor

Times may be changing for gay couples in Florida. A public proposal by retired city of Miami attorney Julie Bru was not only heartwarming, but welcoming and put a new light on those more open to same sex marriage in the anti-gay state.

Last week, Julie Bru officially stepped down from her city post as attorney after a dedicated five years. While saying her goodbye speech to everyone in the courtroom, she turned to her partner of over a decade and asked for her hand in marriage. Her partner, Suzy Izzaguirre, said yes in front of an emotional and supportive crowd.

Within her speech, Julie says how grateful she is to have the support and acceptance of her coworkers, boss, and employees on her love for Suzy. Suzy, who is a police officer, asked for leave from her police chief. His answer to the question was, “How can I stand in the way of love?”

Florida did not stand in the way of this love.

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