Wedding Cake for the Walking Dead

Posted on Jun 24 2013 - 6:47pm by Katelyn Connor

Pastel zombie 05

When many couples think of their perfect wedding cake, what immediately comes to mind is the traditional white and sugary designs that so many have loved before. However, this cake seems to turn those good dreams into undead nightmares. For the couples who like to emphasize their eternal love, till Zombie Apocalypse do them part, this is the cake for them.
There have been many creative and eccentric wedding toppers that have developed over the years- and I’m sure we’ve seen it all- from pug figurines to elaborate scenes of an angry bride dragging the groom away from the football game, there is definitely a theme for couples of all tastes.

This cake topper in particular seems to be more “Corpse Bride” than blushing beauty- a perfect addition to any wedding whose guests include Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter!

Although this particular design may not be for me, this is a very unique and fun way to show your guests your love is truly eternal!

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