Wedding Day Duds

Posted on Apr 3 2014 - 10:13am by Katelyn Connor


On your wedding day, it’s traditionally seen that the husband and wife have a wonderful celebration with family and friends, and at the end of the night go back to consummate the marriage. Although it’s a nice thought to be swept away to the bedroom after taking your vows, Huffington Post did a few interviews of couples who didn’t quite make it to their allotted sexy time. PostSecret too has quite a few marital confessions about their first big night.

The most common reasons for couples to not have sex on their wedding nights are exhaustion and alcohol intoxication. It’s usually they can’t get the energy up after the emotionally and physically tolling day, or that they don’t have the coordination to even get their clothes off, nonetheless consummate the marriage at all.

Although these reasons seem like kind of a downer, plenty of couples make the most of their night by ordering pizza, looking at all their gifts, or just relaxing with a movie and taking in the last few moments of their biggest day. That’s definitely how I would like to spend my night (and every night)!

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